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Weller’s is a representative of Newmart Builders, Inc.   We have numerous displays available for view on our lot in Bridgeville, DE.  To get a quote on a building, please answer the following questions and submit form, and we will get a quote together and back to you as soon as possible.  When ordering, a 10-15% deposit is due based on the final cost of the carport.  Allow 20-24 weeks for delivery and installation.

Please Answer The Following Questions:

What type of carport do you want?   

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Do you want to close both sides?   

If you answered no to closing the sides, do you want to close 1 side, or add a panel to either side

Do you want to close the ends?   

Options (Check as many as you want)

36” Door


Side Entry

Dutch Cut

6x6 Garage Door

8x7 Garage Door

9x7 Garage Door

9x8 Garage Door

10x7 Garage Door

10x8 Garage Door

10x10 Garage Door

Anchors (Check as many as you want)

Attach to your concrete pad

Mobile Home Anchors

Additional Roof Braces

Additional Corner Braces

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