Flyright Flagpole Great for a deck or fence to show your patriotism! Available at Weller's in Bridgeville! $97.50 $87.00
Golf Cart Propane Heater Attachment For all of you avid golf players, here is the answer to playing in the cold! Limited supply! $77.50 $57.50
Auto-darkening Welding Helmet Do you like welding? My suggestion would be to have one of these Auto-Darkening welding helmets! You will really appreciate it! $49.97 $39.97
Goodyear Straps 4pk. These straps are always nice to have in your trunk just in case! Great for strapping down your mower or 4-wheeler! $45.00 $30.00
Amish made Attitude Adjuster Keep those attitudes in check! Great for the office to have on display! $15.00 $11.97

Have A Fine Day & A WELLER Night!