Auto-darkening Welding Helmet In the welding field? Tires of not being able to see where to start because those goggles are so dark? Come get an auto-darkening welding helmet at We (more) $49.97 $39.97
Goodyear Straps 4pk. Dependable, durable and strong! Weller's has the straps you need! Comfortable handle grips with high break strength! $45.00 $30.00
Golf Cart Propane Heater Attachment Love to golf? Don't like to be cold? We have the answer! Pick up one of these heating attachments and a propane canister and be on your way! $77.50 $57.50
Amish made Attitude Adjuster Get your attitude right with one of these? A great piece to keep in the office as a conversation piece! $15.00 $11.97
Flyright Flagpole Show your patriotism with a flyright flagpole! Designed to not tangle with the wind, you can rest assure that your flag will fly! $97.50 $77.50

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