Recovery Strap This time of the year is always tough on vehicles! Keep one of these straps in your vehicle just in case! $32.50 $24.75
Folding Sawhorses These sawhorses are great for the homeowner that likes to make crafts and work on projects! Available at Weller's in Bridgeville! $33.50 $25.00
Safety Siphon Need to transfer some water? Purchase bad gasoline and need to get it out of the tank? Purchase a safety siphon today! $9.97 $7.50
52PC. Socket Set Always missing that one socket that you need? Get some extras with this socket set! $17.50 $15.00
Hand Truck This item is always nice to have around, especially if you like to shop online and need help bringing in the boxes! $57.50 $47.50

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