Goodyear Straps 4pk. Quality, dependable set of 4 straps available at Weller's! Complete with a comfortable rubber grip! $45.00 $30.00
4pc Carpet Floor Mats An easy way to move furniture around the house! Never struggle moving the couch again! Available at Weller's in Bridgeville! $12.50 $9.97
Folding Sawhorses A nice tool to have in the garage! Great for the homeowner that likes to tinker! $33.50 $25.00
52PC. Socket Set Are you a hands on type? Do you like to work on things and repair them? Well you need one of these socket sets then! $17.50 $14.50
Amish made Attitude Adjuster A neat item you have on your desk at work! Something to intimidate your friends! Get yours now! $15.00 $11.97

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