52PC. Socket Set It is always nice to have one of these in your tool box or vehicle! You never know when you will need some sockets! $17.50 $14.50
Wheelchair A great deal on your wheel chair here at Weller's! Yes, you can purchase wheelchairs at Weller's! $141.50 $75.00
4pc Carpet Floor Mats Are your carpets a little dingy? Need to replace them but don't want to spend a lot of money? Get them at Weller's! $12.50 $9.97
CD Wallet A great way to store all of your CD's, DVD's and even pictures! Well, maybe not so much the pictures! :) $19.97 $15.00
Goodyear Straps 4pk. Use these quality straps to fasten down whatever you are hauling! Dependable and easy to use! $45.00 $30.00

Look for Brooks, or ask for the BIG GUY!