Swing Sets

Look no further than to Weller's for a high quality swing set. When it comes to something that your children will play on for years to come, you should absolutely insist on that high-level of craftsmanship. Our swing sets are built sturdy to ensure they provide years of safe, lasting enjoyment. They are constructed using pressure treated lumber covered with vinyl. Combining the strength of wood and easy care of vinyl, your swing set will be safe and attractive for many years with little or no maintenance. NO SPLINTERS, STAINING, SEALING OR PAINTING!!!!!

Choose from over 20 standard play sets and swing sets or create your own custom one! You can add accessories like sliding boards, chutes, ladders, turbo slides, towers, tire swings, rock walls, monkey bars and toys. We even offer colored rubber mulch, mats and curbing, sandboxes, and other equipment to help you develop a wonderful outdoor activity center.

Safety Features
- Vinyl creates a safe, smooth surface that is splinter-free without surface cracks, checks or knotty appearance.
- Entrance ladders come standard with non-slip steps and safety rails.
- Rubber-coated swing chains provide a soft, pinch-free grip for kids swing sets.
- Wood-grain texture on decking and rock walls increases traction.
- No shortcuts by using exposed wood on decking underside that risks splinters and cuts from cracks in wood; our playsets feature vinyl covering throughout.
- Heavy-duty swing hangers feature spring clip for easy height adjustment and swing change.
- Two ground anchors included with each swing beam.
- No overhead climbers with swings attached.
- Safety rails included on all entrance ladders.

Quality Features
- Use of pressure-treated lumber (rather than untreated wood which is susceptible to rotting in a few years) covered with vinyl combines the strength of wood with the easy care of vinyl. Vinyl covering also resists wood boring insects and bees.
- Use of heavy-duty walled vinyl adds strength, is fade resistant and is easy to clean; occasional rinsing is all you need to keep your play set looking great.
- Powder-coated brackets resist peeling and rusting.
- Stainless steel bolts and chains will not rust.
- Heavy-duty corner construction is through bolted with two steel angles; we do not use wood lags, which connect by being driven only half way into the beams.
- Long-lasting poly-lumber roofs instead of canvas because they resist high winds.
- Durable structural parts and sturdy construction create stable play sets that won’t tip in high winds or as children swing



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Constructed from the highest quality pressure treated lumber, this standard swing set will not tip in high winds or as children swing. Perfect for smaller children, the slide sports a wide platform and safety ladder complete with side handles. Our swings are rubber-coated to make playtime more comfortable and durable.



This play set includes two rubber coated swings and a trapeze bar/ring combo for your little circus performer. The fort easily accommodates four children and includes a non-slip entrance ladder and wonder wavey slide. As an added bonus, kids can hit the beach with a sandbox conveniently located below the fort and perfect for storing toys.



For kids who like to play house or camp out, this play set offers an enlarged play fort accessible via a safety ladder or a wide climbing platform. Two rubber-coated swings flank the set while a tire swing below the fort offers added enjoyment.



This set features two sturdy swings, a twisty turbo slide, a wonder wave slide, and a trapeze for the little gymnast in your family. Play fort comes with an entry ladder, tunnel slide, and an upgraded extra high 10? swing beam!



For kids who love playing house, this set includes a deluxe playhouse complete with door and safety windows. The front deck of the house leads to a wavy slide, which is accessible through a safety ladder. This set sports a large sandbox as well as a swing area with two rubber-coated seats and a trapeze/ring combo.



Here's a safe alternative for the climbers in your family. This set sports both a rope bridge and a rock-climbing platform with a wavy slide for hours of outdoor enjoyment. Made from the finest pressure treated wood and vinyl coating, this set includes a deck and play area and room for a sandbox below. Three swings include two rubber coated seats and a trapeze bar with rings.



This fortress of fun offers hours of backyard entertainment. Two protective forts are connected by a lower landing to provide added safety and stability. Three slide options give children the opportunity to race on the wavy slides or laugh their way through the curvy tunnel. This deluxe set includes a climbing platform and four swings including a relaxing chair swing. The area below the fort provides ample room for a sandbox or toy storage.



Playtime never ends with this over-sized play set that's overflowing with fun. This playset includes four slides, three levels of decking, and a gang plank that guarantee hours of backyard amusement.



The entire neighborhood can join in the fun with this play set that has everything. A playhouse and two forts offer hours of imaginary playtime. A rope bridge and plastic tunnel allow children to move safely throughout the set and a bubble window provides an entertaining view of the world. Children can choose from three sliding options as well as four swings including seesaw and trapeze features. There are safety ladders strategically located throughout the set along with a rope bridge and climbing platform.